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Armonica is a duo formed by Andrea and Salvatore.

They are two opposite personalities, with different interests and prospects; so different one from the other, they become complementary in the Music.

They can be the new interpreters of the comedy “The Odd Couple”, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

Salvatore loves fashion and life connected to it. If in a full room there’s Salvatore, he definitely cannot pass unnoticed. He loves gym and aesthetic care; passionate and collectors of POPart artists. He is a kind of Juventus ‘hooligan’, he watches every game. He is a social network’s expert and all its dynamics.

Andrea has technology interests, design and every form of art. He lives mainly in his studio; in addition to play keyboard and turn potentiometers, he enjoys doing graphic design and learning new software.

His natural predisposition is to create; he loves traveling to observe the architecture and characteristics of

the countries he visits - he faces any kind of evolution with curiosity, he always has thirst for charm.

They’re like ebony and ivory in a piano, always search for the best chord for the moment they live.