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A chance encounter with a musician of distant origin leads a young Oakland mother to a gift for her young son. A map of rhythms and myths...

Releasing music under a wide range of monikers (Orion 70, o1o, Prof Delacroix) Producer/DJ/Filmmaker AYBEE (Armon Bazile) has garnered respect from all corners of the electronic music spectrum. With a versatility that is genre defiant AYBEE traverses Techno, House, Experimental, and Hip-Hop seamlessly. Pushing a distinct sound that is in constant evolution while resolutely rooted in dance impulses.

A product of Oakland, CA, AYBEE comes from a steep family tradition of music, innovation, and artistic exploration. Seeds planted by his New Orleans based grandfather who ran a small Jazz label, and uncle who ran a short lived disco imprint “Armour” in the late 70’s. It was the uplifting power of music, and dance that ultimately pushed AYBEE to embark on the exploration of himself as an artist in the early 00’s.

In 2001 AYBEE launched Deepblak Recordings as a creative outlet for his music. Ultimately catching the attention of Legendary House DJ/Producer Ron Trent. This chance meeting led to Trent signing AYBEE to the iconic Prescription Records imprint and releasing his first 12”. Soon after AYBEE along with Trent would come together to co-found Prescription sub-label Future Vision, and later go on to create music as the “Indigenous Space People”, and “S.A.T”.

Never one to stand still AYBEE has gone on to establish himself as one of the most innovative, and versatile producers around with more than a decade worth of mind bending records. These included his ground-breaking “East Oakland Space Program LP” (Deepblak), Ancient Tones LP (Further Records), and his critically acclaimed “WORLDS LP” also on his Deepblak imprint.

Always forging forward AYBEE’s affinity for rhythm, and exploration have been key in developing Deepblak as a home for timeless forward leaning dance music. This has led to the releases being championed by choice selectors worldwide. Having also branched out to work with other prominent labels such as; Future Vision, Ibadan, Underground Quality, Soul People Music, Further Records, Dogmatik, Soul Jazz, and Sound Of Speed (Japan) AYBEE continues to spread the reach of his sound to like minded imprints.

Now based in Berlin AYBEE continues to evolve as one of the most consistent ,and forward thinking DJ/Producers around. Expanding his creative vision into his DJ, LIVE, and Film projects. With an impeccable body of work behind him, and a steady stream of forward driven dance floor excursions in circulation AYBEE continues to add destinations to the map. Always keep your ears, and mind open for his best is yet to unfold. 

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Nexus EP

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