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Danny Faber is clearly a visionary with a pioneer spirit. In Berlin, during the 2000s, he opened the legendary Bar 25 Club with a few friends – a cultural microcosm that would become a source of inspiration to an entire techno generation in the years that followed. In honor of the project, Danny established the music label Bar 25 Music in 2008. Artists such as Acid Pauli, Nu and Oliver Koletzki are featured by his label.

In 2012, the pinnacle of the Bar 25 - era was reached with the cinema movie “Bar 25 – Tage außer- halb der Zeit” (Bar 25 – timeless days) and it ́s legendary showcases, co-produced by Danny and his partners. After the closing of the Bar, Danny turned his attention towards new projects. In 2013, he opened the Chalet Club in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With this extraordinary location and his courage to con- duct musical experiments, Danny again proved his flair for the zeitgeist of club culture. With Chalet quickly becoming an international well-known institution, Danny put his focus in 2015 onto another new project - his most recent one, Neue Heimat. Berlin’s most successful lifestyle brand was born; a hub of culture, food, music and art.

Danny misses no opportunity, he’s always on the lookout for the next big thing but without neglecting his passion for music. His unique style and distinct empathy for the vibe in the club have brought him onto the world’s most renowned dance floors. Whether during peak time or after hour – he conti- nually puts the crowd under a spell with his playful sound galaxy.