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His mum calls him Mikkas, but for the rest of the world this Norwegian DJ and producer is better known as “Djuma Soundsystem”. He was catapulted into the house scene over two decades ago with his club classic “Les Djinns” on Get Physical music. With its huge crossover appeal it ended up being one of the most sold tracks on beatport of all times. Back then his sound was very influenced from Arabic sounds and rhythms. A lot has changed over the many years, through a steady flow of releases and many world tours, but Djuma Soundsystems sound still remains with a strong organic core. These days he's very influenced by African tribal music, and is fusing it with his own trademarked warm electronic sound – always with one foot in European house and techno and the other in more exotic inspirations.

With his Iziki movement, he was in the forefront of making Afro house a global established sound. He has since made Iziki into a label, as well as a party concept spread as far as New York, Tulum, Berlin, Goa, Johannesburg and his hometown Copenhagen. And the movement keeps spreading. It's also presented through his Iziki show on Ibiza Live Radio. 

He has made mix compilations and put out releases on significant labels like Crosstown Rebels, Sol Selectas, Stil vor Talent, Get Physical, Eklektisch, SOSO, Noir, Rebirth, My Favourite Robot, Elite, Eskimo, Audiomatique, Conya, Toolroom, Neurotraxx, Soundz, IO, Subjekt, This is, Tenampa, Fukai and of course his own Iziki imprint.

He's remixed, or been remixed by the likes of David Mayer, Hyenah, Rej&Kjavik, Kellerkind, Jonathan Kaspar, MoBlack, Re:you, Armonica, Kususa, Lunar Plane, Karyendasoul, Team Distant, Elias (GE), Daniel Rateuke, Maya Jane Cole, Coyu, Moby, Trentemøller, Animal Trainer, Aero Manyello, Fake Mood, dOP, Umek, Oliver Schories, Gotan Project, Uner, NenaHalena, Mezomo, Sobek, Kolombo, Analog Sol, Noir, Tiger Stripes, Martinez, Pete Oak, diskJokke, Hardfloor, Jonas Saalbach, Dodi Palese, Ed One, Hanne & Lore, Kruse & Nuernberg, Jerome Sydenham, Aki Bergen, LazarusMan, Rodriguez Jr, Solee… just to name a few.

Djuma Soundsystem creates music – not just grooves! Fitted for entertaining a bigger festival crowd, and a more intimate clubs alike. He has seven full world tours under his belt, visiting all continents, and played some of the most famous venues and festivals out there, some of them being Kater Blau (Berlin), The End (London), Space (Ibiza), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Zouk SG (Singapore), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Hardpop (Juarez), Nevermind (Sydney), Cielo (NYC), Villa (Oslo), Soma (Goa), W (Bali), Migas (Bejing), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), D-Edge (Sau Paulo), Amate-raxi (Tokyo), Pratersauna (Vienna), Truth (Johannesburg), Stadium (Jakarta), Space (Miami), Watergate (Berlin), Indogo (Istanbul), Kristal (Bucharest), Fuse (Bruxelles), and festivals like Fusion (Germany), Kazantip (Ukraine), Roskilde (Denmark), Reworks (Greece), Universo Paralello (Brazil), ADE (Holland), Sunburn (India), Sonar (Spain), Free Fat Festival (Ukraine), Exit (Serbia), and the biggest gig of all - playing the last hour counting down to midnight at Baha beach in Rio on new years eve 2009, - in front of a breathtaking million people!