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Berlin based Mia Lucci’s interest in music may have begun with the obligatory piano lessons her parents pushed her into at age 5, but her passion for electronic music was admittedly a chance encounter.

Immersed in the culture of electronic music from a young age, she returned home from a night out in her native Sydney to a party with decks, and no-one on them.  Mia grabbed the headphones, and signed in to dj life. Back then, the vinyl culture was still thriving and Mia feels grateful that she was a part of the weekly quest to get the newest records. “The scene has changed dramatically with the advent of technology. Now it’s not just about mixing, or getting to the record store first, it’s about really putting in the time to sift through the thousands of songs that get released each week, finding the sounds you like and creating a sound that is unique.  Carefully selecting each song for every moment. It is this finesse that ensues as an artist, she is intuitively connected to both music and dance floor.    

Releases on Get Physical Music, her own record label Kindisch and over 10 years of experience dj’ing as resident on Salinas Beach Ibiza, Circoloco (Aust), KaterBlau Berlin, Sankeys Ibiza, Flying Circus and as host to her own radio show with Ibiza Global Radio for over 3 years, Mia Lucci has well and truly signed into DJ life.