David Jach with "Nothing" on Sven Tasnadi "Bridges LP" on Moon Harbour

Out on November 2nd

Sven Tasnadi is back on Moon Harbour with a brand new and brilliant full length entitled “Bridges”. It features a host of collaborators from Huxley to David Jach to Supernova, and showcases the German’s always infectious house sound...

Label: Moon Harbour / LC-11565
Format: Download, 12” Vinyl
Cat.No.:  MHRLP024
Genre: Tech House, Deep House

Tracks: Nothing w/ David Jach
and many more

Crosstown Rebels presents "Emanuel Satie - Addis Ababa (incl. Matador Remix)"

Out on October, 12th

Berlin-based house and techno wizard Emanuel Satie brings together a plethora of talent for Addis Ababa on Crosstown Rebels. Ninetoes, Mowgan and Matador all join the party to complete this epic EP.

Satie says of the release that it’s “ an homage to worldwide collaboration. While travelling through Ethiopia I recorded traditional musicians, brought the sounds home to Berlin and made electronic tracks out of them with my friends Ninetoes and Mowgan”.

EP opener Injera, produced with Ninetoes, is a mysterious and bumpy roller. Argew Neka, made in collaboration with Mowgan, adds tribal song and brings a delicate yet hypnotic groove to the table. Matador’s remix of the latter turns the track completely on its head layering futuristic elements over a harder beat.

Deep House Amsterdam presents DHL Mix #231 by Animal Trainer

Deep House Amsterdam with DH London Podcast by Animal Trainer

New Get Physical Radio (09/2018)

with M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade - Jah (Flashmob Remix)

Check out on Spotify - Get Physical Radio September 2018 with the new Flashmob Remix of M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade - Jah.

Defected presents "Show You" by Wankelmut & Anna Leyne

Out on August, 3rd

Label: Defected Records
Format(s): Download / Streaming
Release date: 3rd August 2018

Berlin hit-maker Wankelmut serves up his summer-ready Defected debut single ‘Show You’, following suit from his chart-topping ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ with its captivating vocal from Grammy-nominated Anne Leyne. This time exploring deeper dancefloor territory, ‘Show You’ comes as a purpose-built club anthem with its body-moving bassline, infectious chorus and electrifying hands-in the-air moments. Prepare for this certified party-starter from Wankelmut to become your soundtrack to the summer.

Prisma Techno presents "Moving the Moon" by Blade & Beard

Out on July, 6th

Artist: Blade & Beard
Label: Prisma Techno
Cat.Nr.: PRSM012


Blade&Beard are the protagonists of the 2016 premiered, successful documentary 'Raving Iran' by German filmmaker Susanne Regina Meures. The movie describes the two young men's dangerous lives in Teheran's underground techno scene and their resulting trouble with the authorities. When Blade & Beard were offered the opportunity to play a gig during Switzerland's well-known Street Parade, they chose to immigrate instead of returning home. Anoosh and Arash are now building themselves a new life and a career in Europe.

After releasing on labels such as Three Hands Records, DnC Limited and Futurist, Arash & Anoosh debuts in Prisma Techno with two original tracks, 'Moving The Moon', EP track, and 'Aerolite', both featuring fast beats, deep atmospheres and easily recognizable melodies.

Get Physical Music presents "DF - The Club Versions" by M.A.N.D.Y.

Out on June, 15th

Artist: M.A.N.D.Y.
Label: Get Physical Music
Cat.Nr.: GPMCD192

Collaborations with Booka Shade, Jimmy Vallance, Brett Johnson, Red Eye, LD Nero, Francesco Tristano, Nonku Phiri

Monaberry presents "Rigpa EP" by Animal Trainer

Out on May 25, 2018

Artist: Animal Trainer & Mulya
Label: Monaberry
Cat.Nr.: HA082

A1: Rigpa
B1: Dharma
B2: Dharma (Mulya Remix)

Some say they're so sensitive they've convinced rhinos how to knit. Others think they're so in-tune with the world's heartbeat they've taught crocodiles how to write poetry. There's a rumour going round they're currently training a choir of cats but so far it's uncorroborated. Whatevers. One thing is certain: Animal Trainer have an innate skill of conjuring raw emotion and soul from the most simple of elements.

Now marking ten years of releases on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Pokerflat, Mobilee, Lena, Hive Audio and many more, the Swiss duo make their debut on Super Flu's Monaberry with two stunning message of a dancefloor peace.

'Rigpa' hits the second those strings sashay into the blend, swooning and gliding over their signature low 'n' slow beat. Timeless in its sense of emotion and euphoria, stately in the way it unfolds, it's another precision heart-melter from Sammy and Adrian.

'Dharma' flips for a contrast experience. A drum-focused affair laced with tribal intricacies and more majestic synth tones entering mid way, there's a latent sense of drama that pays off gradually, hypnotically, spiritually...

Finally Monaberry newcomer MULYA returns with a little add remix spice. Deeper, darker and more pensive than the original, it builds into something so powerful and soul-stirring we believe it could inspire gorillas to paint water colours. But this, of course, is uncorroborated... For now.


Modernsoul / fine presents: "Work of Art" by Wankelmut, Alexander Tidebrink

Out on May 25, 2018

DJ and producer WANKELMUT ranks among the most renowned German names of electronic music worldwide. 2012 saw the Berlin native’s final breakthrough with his hit remix for Asaf Avidan’s “One Day / Reckoning Song”, which went to #1 in eight countries, bagged multiple gold and platinum awards, and sold far more than two million records to date. His single “My Head Is A Jungle” rocketed to the Top 20 all over Europe in 2013, and paved the way for remixes for big names such as Gossip, Lenny Kravitz, Hozier or Flight Facilities. Apart from celebrated DJ bookings in clubs and festivals across the planet, WANKELMUT signed a deal with SONY/FOUR MUSIC/FINE last year and released the debut single “Almost Mine feat. Charlotte OC”, which proved hugely successful all over Europe.

Following his fall release “I Keep Calling”, the collaboration with Mando Diao singer Björn Dixgard, WANKELMUT drops his new single for which he teamed up with Swedish mega talent ALEXANDER TIDEBRINK, whose credentials feature tracks with Hardwell, Christopher, Charlie Who and Otto Know. “WORK OF ART” blends WANKELMUT’s sophisticated sound skills and TIDEBRINK’s distinctive warm vocals into an actual work of art that can’t easily be placed in the rock, pop or club corner. And why should it be? With a broad grin, “WORK OF ART” helps itself to everything fun: groovy bass line, funky guitar riffs, smooth synths, and a chorus with a clear message – “you and me are probably gonna be in love”.

Yeah, baby.

Hive Audio presents: "Lost In Space EP" by Animal Trainer

Out on April 23, 2018

Artist: Animal Trainer
Title: Lost In Space EP (incl. Manuel Moreno Remix)
Cat.Nr.: HA082

1. Lost

2. In Space

3. In Space *Manuel Moreno Remix

Animal Trainer are back on Hive Audio and they're back with a bang. Fresh for 2018 their new EP is named „Lost In Space“ but the duo consisting of Adrian Wöllhaf and Samuel Gmür isn't lost at all. They're focused as ever, aiming at dancefloors worldwide and ready to rock hard with their latest musical outing.

At First, Animal Trainer are „Lost“ on the dancefloor, providing a fine high quality arrangement of well spatial TechHouse for endless late night sessions whilst sticking close to their set cosmic theme with warm floating synth backings, widerange vintage melodies and a hefty set of additional percussion hits that adds a rather unheard of feel and an elements of surprise to any advanced DJ set these days.

With „In Space“ the Swiss dreamteam is surely afloat, drifting in between and amongst extraterrestrial objects fueled by a sweet fusion of soft, yet driving TechHouse propellant and deep, scenic additives as there are masterly arranged synth and string sections alongside well rounded vintage bass bumps and playful melodic elements providing a perfect soundtrack for a deep field view into the outer regions of the yet unexplored universe.

On remix duties for „In Space“ is the man Manuel Moreno himself, another high profile Swissman, who caters an atmospheric, yet primetime focused take on the original tune, building up things carefully atop an ever rolling bassline as a basic foundation on which fragile and tender string arrangements can unfold over time whilst sparkling fountains of cosmic sounds are shimmering like stardust gathered around faraway galaxies.

Superfriends presents: "Stay Close To Me" by Andhim & Högni

Out on March 16, 2018

Check out the new release here.

Germanys favourite house duo andhim return to their Superfriends label with Icelandic singer Högni for a new double single, Stay Close To Me. Offering an eclectic selection of summer sounds to keep parties alive from dusk til dawn, Stay Close To Me delivers two tracks full of dark club energy and elegant organic sounds. One of Germanys best loved duos, andhim have been charming their way into the hearts of the masses with an ebullient approach not only to the music they perform but to the music they create too. Resourceful and creative artists, andhim make music that sounds alive like an organism: abound with fun-filled beats, nuanced textures and infectious melodies that never fail to reach all corners of the dance floor. We have always been big fans of Högni whether his musical project GusGus or Hjtalin, so it was really special for us to work with him. We really took our time to creating something new with him in the studio and we are more than happy with the result ANDHIM Stay Close To Me features Icelandic talent Högni who fronted prolific Raykjavik band GusGus and whose voice and compositions have appeared everywhere in Iceland: from television to radio and theatre stages around the country. Adding a human layer to andhims colourful production, Högnis vocals and vivid lyrics on Stay Close To Me float above an ominous, Germanic bass line while assortments of synthetic sounds erupt into a crescendo of deep and dark kinetic energy. On the flip, Miles To Go is a sunrise track with dynamic bulges of sound, an uplifting vocal energy and free-moving percussion to round-up the package, perfectly encapsulating the pairs unparalleled creativity.

David Jach Interview at Only Techno

Whenever you see David Jach‘s live, they appear effortless such is his mixing skills and the brilliance of his groove filled sets. We sat down with him recently to discuss his studio techniques, his preference when it comes to winter and summer venues, and his recent track ‘Bang’ on Upon.You Records…

Read the full articel on OnlyTechno.net

Poesie Musik presents: Wankelmoods by Wankelmut

Out on February 16, 2018

Three years after the much-loved second volume, Wankelmut is back with the third edition of his Wankelmoods compilation series. It is a fine window into his unique musical mind which packs lots of moods and grooves into its standout 24 tracks.

This self-proclaimed ‘minimal electronica imp with a knack for rock remixes’ hails from Berlin. Active since 2011, he has released always innovative EPs on labels like Get Physical and Ego as well as Columbia and of course Poesie. He first rose to fame when his unofficial remix of Asaf Avidan & the Mojos' ‘Reckoning Song’ went viral from his Soundcloud page. Since then he has played all over Europe, clocked up a few chart hits such as ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ and now this latest mix finds him in fine form. It includes two of his own recent hits released on Modernsoul/Fine, in the form 'I Keep Calling’ (Club Mix) with Björn Dixgård—the lead singer of the Mando Diao band— and Wankelmut feat. Charlotte OC - ‘Almost Mine’ (Mat.Joe Remix), both of which are standouts in the compilation.

This is an ambitious mix that manages to maintain energy levels while proving perfectly unpredictable as it unfolds. It is another essential snapshot of both Wankelmut’s DJ sets and the underground house scene at large.

Superfriends presents: Husos by Andhim

Out on Oct 15, 2017

The Cologne/Berlin based duo return to their Superfriends Records home once again for Huso EP.
Climbing to uncharted heights of dance-music popularity, Andhim have been releasing their distinguished style of sample-heavy Super House since 2010, reaching the ears of the masses on some of the most celebrated labels around.
Demonstrating the pairs eclectic and distinctly musical production style, Huso kicks off the EP with Eastern-flavored melodies, soaring synths and low-slung drums that inject a momentum certain to ignite any dancefloor the track comes into contact with.
Compared to our previous releases on the label “Huso” goes a totally new direction again. We just love to show our full spectrum. This time we gave the music an oriental touch which we never did before.” Andhim
Amene wraps up the 2 track Huso EP and does so in an idiosyncratic but ambitious style. Synth stabs seep in and out of focus alongside off-kilter beats before exotic vocal samples help create a hypnotic aesthetic.

Get Physical Music Presents: Double Fantasy by M.A.N.D.Y.

Out on Nov 11, 2016

The first bars are reminiscent of a film score: a lonesome whistle like in an Italian western, sparingly placed tones like in a film noir. A high-pitched child’s voice calls out to us, “Clap Your Hands.” Lasting not even 50 seconds, ‘Mikado’ is the scene-setting first track from Double Fantasy, a foreword for an artist album of a truly special nature.

Although its protagonists have been an integral part of the international electronic scene for over fifteen years, this is – somewhat unbelievably – their first album. Friends since boyhood, Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung – better known as M.A.N.D.Y. – first formed at the Monza Club in Frankfurt. Originally an energetic DJ-collective with house music at their core, it wasn’t long before they started making music, with a 2001 remix for French Formation Galleon standing as their debut.

Dozens of other records followed, not last their celebrated ‘Body Language’, arguably the definitive club record of 2005 and one you’ll still hear frequently to this day. Bodmer and Jung are hard party-workers. They love to travel and entertain.

With their studio buddies Booka Shade and DJ T., they founded their own label Get Physical, still viewed as one of the world’s most influential. Here, their understanding of sound — beyond their own work— found a solid home. Just like their parties, M.A.N.D.Y. stands for continuous commitment and free thought. Out of their exhilarating soundscapes, avant-garde cathedrals rise.

A tried and tested team both behind the decks and in the studio, M.A.N.D.Y.’s roots are in the old school sounds of early electronic music, hip-hop and electro, influences they return to once again on Double Fantasy.

“Of course we had the idea to make an official M.A.N.D.Y. album a long time ago” says Jung. “But we did not want a stapled-together snapshot. After all, we were and are on the road worldwide pretty much constantly. So the endeavour took a little bit longer than expected”. Bodmer adds, “In a career, it’s expected to release a long-format as soon as possible. For us, it was not the most important thing in the universe!”

It was from a pool of around 50 compositions that M.A.N.D.Y. chose twelve songs for Double Fantasy. And yes, their classic ‘Body Language’ is also back, of course, in a newly reworked version for 2016. The production was supported and accompanied by their long-time companion Stefan Eichinger (aka Lopazz) who as an accomplished mixmaster and engineer took care of the polished studio-cut.

The selection of international guest-artists highlights M.A.N.D.Y.’s broad array of styles. During the ghostly track ‘Whisper’, Bam from the New York hip-hop crew Jungle Brothers raps, his vocoder-inflected vocals impressively conjuring the long-held associations between house and hip-hop. Elsewhere the South African song-genius Nonku Phiri accompanies a polyphone-splatter by the classically schooled Francesco Tristano.

Further guest appearances from Jimmy Vallance from Canadian act Bob Moses (‘Tomorrow Is Another Night’), Brett Johnson (‘Rhythm & Soul’), and LD Nero (‘Rabbit Mountain’) complete the impressive list of studio partners.

M.A.N.D.Y. consciously set out to make a more thoughtful album than your average club record: an elegant body of work that would stand the test of time. This carefully curated debut shows the grand masters of organic house sounds in iridescent form: relaxed, inspired and breaking conventions with every turn.

Double Fantasy is out 11th November (CD & digital) on Get Physical Music